WINAX Vehicle Care

Is your company involved in fleet management or do you operate a vehicle fleet? We specialise in vehicle care and detailing for large clients and offer a comprehensive and extensive service package. Rely on WINAX GmbH & Co. KG many years of experience and trust us with the care, protection and value retention of your vehicles.

Precision in Detail

The ability to give your vehicles a prestigious look - for example for exhibition in a dealership showroom - is a labour of passion for our WINAX vehicle care team. When we talk about vehicle care, we mean the unprecedented technical preparation of your vehicles to the highest conditions. Whether new cars, used cars or pool vehicles: We carry out a thorough cleaning of both the vehicle’s interior and exterior, take care of the sustainable care of various materials to protect against external influences and undertake minor repairs. In other words, we offer a nurturing, protective and value-enhancing all-round service for your fleet.

Thanks to state-of-the-art technologies, innovative know-how and high-quality care products, we meet the highest requirements of the most demanding customers. We regularly receive thoroughly positive responses and endorsements from our well-known client AUDI AG in Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm.